The Importance of Events and Continuous Learning

Matthew Smith / Nov 3, 2022

Success (and happiness) depend on the ability to evolve and grow. That goes for any endeavor, whether personal or professional. But, in the realm of technology and design, information evolves and changes so fast it’s hard to find one place where multiple members of your team can access that information together. For Amazee Labs, this is where events come into play. 

Image of Amazee team planning Drupal event talk.

Community-focused events embody the growth mindset that is also a core principle at Amazee Labs. Businesses that have a fixed mindset are doomed to stagnate in an endless loop of effort that bears little to no growth. And it’s no wonder — this fixed mentality causes businesses to shy away from taking on challenging projects and to avoid valuable feedback that could benefit their future endeavors. 

In contrast to that, the advantages of a growth mindset are clear. Rather than limiting oneself or business, a growth-centric mentality is all about having the freedom to change, learn and evolve. Absolutely everyone experiences failure, but that failure doesn’t define us. Rather than crumbling and giving up the fight in the face of adversity, failure (in a growth mindset) is seen as a teacher — something meant to improve the way we work, live and think. 

Image of Amazee Labs team training.

That’s why continuous education practices, such as attending and presenting at events and conventions, are key to a growth mindset and, therefore, any kind of meaningful success. It helps us enhance our skills, learn new ones, and to specialise or become better generalists.

Because open source is a philosophy that includes both learning and mentoring, community events are an ideal place to leverage your skills and the skills of all the other participants. In regards to continuous learning, it’s a perfect fit for people in our industry. 

By hosting and attending webinars online (as well as in-person when it’s possible and safe) we can take advantage of these opportunities to bring teams together to learn and nurture the creativity which inevitably comes when an excited group of people get together to hone their skills. 

As an open-source company with a growth mindset, attending and contributing to community events is symbiotic, benefiting from shared knowledge, experience and a passion to improve. 

Continuous learning and growth is part of our culture here at Amazee Labs. With a passion and a track record for learning, we know that skill sets change with time, which is why we offer an annual professional development education budget for every Amazee, as well as 5 days leave every year specifically for event and conference attendance. We know that if you’re in a role that has training support, you’re likely to be more successful in that role, enjoy better job satisfaction and stay longer with that company. And all of that is extremely important for a business and its employees. But that’s not the only reason we’re passionate about providing continuous education support for our employees. It’s simple. Happy employees create amazing things and we’re all about “amazing”. 

At Amazee Labs, we invest in people, not just roles. We give our employees room to grow and flourish and the trust to follow their vision and become their best selves. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about how we work and how we think — check out our open positions today.