Partnering with responsAbility - A Relaunch Story

Seth Meeks / Nov 16, 2021

Like so many companies who are aiming to improve their online customer experience, during the development of a new marketing strategy and brand positioning campaign, responsAbility realised they were going to need a fresh website to support their new vision. Partnering with Amazee Labs, they tasked us with redesigning and relaunching responsAbility’s corporate website with improved UX, and Analytics, while also ensuring a technical setup that facilitated modern SEO implementation.  

In concert with responsAbility, our team at Amazee Labs worked to conceptualise, design, and develop a fresh, all-inclusive corporate and product website.  Through insights and solutions discovered in UX workshops, we focused on identifying the client’s needs, as well as strategic objectives to assure those needs would be met.

Following a content-first design approach, we made sure the website would meet their marketing and communication goals as well. Based on that model, we designed wireframes and, in close collaboration with responsAbility, we created working prototypes to make sure that their functional and business requirements were met before iteratively improving them into their final form. This gave them more control on how features turned out, avoided any “grand reveals" at the end of the project, and kept everyone on the same page.

Finally, we designed responsAbility’s contemporary and dynamic UI design. In this design, we integrated their new reporting system and CRM into the website, developed their brand, and consistently applied that brand throughout the website. 

With an international perspective that combines innovation, creativity, and mastery of technology, the Amazee Team were not only brilliant partners to work with, they truly materialized what we could only imagine.

- Stacy Fiehler, Head of Marketing & Communications, responsAbility Investments

If you’re looking for a more nitty-gritty, in-depth review of our redesign journey with responsAbility, you can check out the full details in our responsAbility case study. Or you can reach out and talk to one of our UX experts and get your redesign questions answered today!

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