Partnering with Nuklearforum Schweiz - A Relaunch Story

Barbara Buckley / Jul 12, 2022

Nuklearforum Switzerland is dedicated to the peaceful further development of nuclear energy in Switzerland. Their website provides a digital platform to educate the broader audience on the latest global innovations in the sector and shares important information about developments with specialists across a wide range of industries.  

A focal point of the relaunch of the Nuklearforum Schweiz website was ensuring a flexible solution for delivering Nuklearforum’s communication strategy. The platform needed to be future-proof as well as user-friendly.  Additionally, the website's look and feel needed to be refreshed to ensure that it was aligned with the updated corporate design

The basis of the design solution was underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the journeys of different user profiles, established through user interviews and research. Furthermore, technical development included improved search functionality, intelligent automation and a decoupled frontend and backend.

To dive deeper into all the challenges; the specific solutions provided as well as the important key metrics which measured the overall success of the relaunch, be sure to read our recent case study! And get in touch with us to discuss your specific web development needs to see how you might benefit from a similar decoupled solution.

Read our case study here