Monthly Web Maintenance Flat Fee - 1 year on!

Barbara Buckley / Sep 13, 2023

Over a year ago, we launched our new solution - the Monthly Web Maintenance Flat Fee. The idea driving this new concept was to simplify how our clients managed their regular web maintenance needs.

Setting up a monthly plan, provided a clearer way to stay on top of the vital general housekeeping of a client’s website. The major benefits of this model were preventing unexpected costs and ensuring necessary maintenance did not push back project timelines and cause frustration.

With the majority of our clients now signed up for this solution, we thought it was time to look back on how it has impacted both our clients and our workflow at Amazee Labs.

The main change over the past year is that we have centralised the responsibilities for the monthly maintenance tasks which means the process is much more efficient, streamlined, and incredibly customer-centric.

The ‘boring’ maintenance tasks which keep the site secure and up-to-date, are handled automatically by the core team, leaving the project managers even more time to focus on the needs of the client, and exciting new features they want to add to their site

- Isabel Racine Lead Project Manager, Amazee Labs

Let’s have a quick recap of the key advantages of the Monthly Web Maintenance Flat Fee:


Choosing a monthly maintenance flat fee ensures that you are less likely to encounter unpleasant surprises. You'll receive a transparent, upfront summary of the expenses associated with maintaining the health and security of your website. This empowers you to make more informed and precise budgeting choices when considering potential enhancements or the addition of new features.


This is a core characteristic of the new model. Your website remains current and consistently secure, which proves advantageous when integrating new features, as their implementation becomes more seamless. When faced with a tight deadline for introducing new features to your site, the last thing you want is to grapple with unresolved, lingering maintenance issues from the past.

Fewer Overheads

This is about daily operational efficiency. The Maintenance Engineering Team independently handles site checks, ticket creation, and the initiation of pending updates, requiring no input or involvement on your part. Once more, this liberates your resources for allocation elsewhere.

What sort of work has the Monthly Web Maintenance Flat Fee covered over the past year?

To give you an idea of topics/ tasks covered by the flat fee, here are some areas on which our development and project management team have worked over the last year.

  • Urgent Bug fixes
  • Upgrades of Drupal core, contributed and custom modules to Drupal 10
  • Error investigation and associated solutions
  • Add uptime monitoring to a website
  • Clean-up of environments and DX improvements
  • Project onboarding
  • Security patches
  • Update versions of PHP

Regardless of the nature of your business and website, there is a high chance that any website may need similar attention throughout the course of the year. Web maintenance is always a moving target, and that is why planning, where you can, is so crucial.

We spoke to our Lead Developer for the Maintenance Engineering Team, Eli Stone, to ask him how his team’s workflow has been affected by the new flat fee structure.

When a client is on our Flat Fee, we can get on doing the tasks that generally might be uninteresting to the client such as updates, but are required to keep the website working and secure.

As there is less back and forth for these tickets more time can be given back to our clients for features and updates they want. 

-Eli Stone Lead Developer, Amazee Labs

Okay, the solution works for Amazee Labs, but what do our clients think?

We asked our clients for their feedback on how the flat fee structure works for them:

The flat fee from Amazee Labs is exactly how I like to work:  "KISS", meaning keep it simple and smart. The costs are predictable and I know that our Fleet Portal is always up to date. This saves time, nerves, and of course money in the end.

-Pascal Spiegel - Head of Key Account Management Fleet - AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG

We are convinced that the new solution is a step in the right direction, which has benefited both clients, but also the way in which Amazee Labs works. We always believe there is room for improvement, looking back over the past year, the Monthly Web Maintenance Flat Fee has been a change for the better.

As we head into the last quarter of 2023, it is often time to assess budgets and planning for the coming year. If you are curious about how a web maintenance flat fee would work for your business, reach out to our Client Engagement Manager, Ricardo Luchsinger or simply get in touch – we’d love to learn more about your business needs.