Embracing Success: Reflecting on a Year of Team Triumphs!

Barbara Buckley / Nov 22, 2023

As the end of 2023 draws near, it feels like the perfect moment to acknowledge the incredible journey we've had as a team. Internally, we regularly post 'Shout Outs' and they act as heartwarming reminders of the fantastic work our team produce each day, contributing to the larger milestones we achieve together.

One of the most inspiring aspects of these ShoutOuts has been the opportunity they've given us to gain insight into the diverse roles and responsibilities each team member holds. It's a testament to the value of our collective efforts, where every contribution, no matter how small it might seem at the time, moves us all forward in the right direction. 

Let's take a moment to look back at some of these remarkable achievements:

Digital Signage Feature by the Dev Team

A massive round of applause to Luqmaan, Alex, Philipp, and Senior Designer Chris for crafting a Digital Signage feature that's set to dazzle our client. Though the live content is yet to come, the magic they've produced is on track and looking great!

The key goal of this feature was to improve the content shown across 50 different screens around a hospital. The digital signage should now bring relevant information to the different contexts in which it is displayed, i.e. waiting rooms, and restaurants.

Seamless Drupal 10 Upgrade by Vasi and Dimitris

Back in September, we transitioned one of our more complex projects to Drupal 10, thanks to the expertise of Vasi and Dimitris. Their finesse in handling complexities left the client very satisfied. 

Not only did their technical expertise shine, but it was the high standard of communication across all the teams involved which made the project more than worthy of a ShoutOut.

Mustapha and Dimitris - Bringing a Blog to Life

Hats off to Mustapha and Dimitris for their tireless efforts in launching a blog for one of our clients, working through holidays and late nights. 

The team migrated over 600 blog posts into Drupal 10, which were mapped to new taxonomy terms and layouts, as well as migrating them from using Paragraphs to using Gutenberg blocks.

Their dedication paid off with huge success, despite the significant migration and changes along the way.

Chris's Creative Touch & Collaborative Efforts

Chris's creativity shone brightly as he revamped donation and membership widgets, elevating them into compelling content elements. Supported by the remarkable teamwork of developers, Christophe, Eli, and Luqmaan, these enhancements brought a fresh appeal to the user experience. 

The client was encountering problems with the header image in combination with the donation and membership widget and how it displayed on mobile devices in particular.

The overall goal was to improve the user experience and drive more users to donate or sign up as a member. Improving this feature, allows a user to access the content they need to make informed decisions.

Another high point of this project was the addition of the Story Telling block. Again, the objective was to improve the way the content was presented. This new feature makes the user experience more dynamic and attractive due to the parallax scroll effect, which breaks up the rather static content.

All-in-all, the look and feel of the site, and the user experience have been elevated by the expertise and insights of the design, development and project management teams. Great job!

Gatsby Cloud to Netlify Migration & Extra Mile Efforts

Dan and Nick truly went above and beyond in swiftly migrating one of our key projects from Gatsby Cloud to Netlify. Despite the short timeline, their dedication ensured a seamless transition, with Nick even enhancing the preview and UI.

Kudos also goes to Zsofia who, due to the tight deadline, laid the groundwork for the migration while the primary Project Manager was on leave - amazing teamwork PMs!

Christophe's MVP Performance in a Drupal 10 Update

A special spotlight shines on Christophe for steering a Drupal 10 update with absolute professionalism. In September, the update was seamlessly rolled out to PROD, a testament to Christophe's expertise. 

The project made broad use of contrib and custom modules and a significant number of patches were required to bring the site in line with the Drupal 10 requirements. Third-party integrations, Multiple CKEditor 4 plugins and the use of the Facets module in a deprecated version, all contributed to the uniqueness and complexity of this upgrade.

Christophe, leveraged his position as MVP (the football-kind of MVP) while navigating through complexities ranging from the minuscule to the monumental with precision, attention to detail, proactive strategies, and much more. All this while efficiently managing time spent and adhering closely to the budget. Christophe, your consistent rock-solid performance is commendable! 

As we reflect on these moments throughout the year, we carry this spirit of celebration forward. Every milestone, whether big or small, is an example of how great collaboration and teamwork are vital in the work we do. Here's to more ShoutOuts and a team that continues to go from strength to strength!