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Welcome Diana

Earlier this week we proudly announced the opening of our new office in Austin. We would like to give you some background on our new location’s CEO: Diana Montalion Dupuis.

May 1, 2014

Grüezi Urs

Yesterday we announced that Urs Bucher will take over as the new CEO of Amazee Labs Zurich and join the Amazee Group Board. Here are few things you need to know about Gregory's successor.

April 30, 2014

One new Amazee group, two new CEOs

2013 has marked the third profitable year for our company. In line with the increasing client demand we have grown the Amazee Labs team to 20 exceptional Drupalistas.

April 29, 2014
Gregory Gerhardt

Logfile Handling - Are you visualizing your Logfiles?

We are crazy about graphs and statistics. No wonder we also want to get a feel for the health of our Drupal sites in some way. On our video wall, one screen is dedicated to showing us errors per server to get a better understanding for how good we are doing. You cannot reach zero here, but you see if something fails miserably when things go over 9,000!

April 17, 2014


We’re a bit extreme