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Six months later

It’s my turn write a post once again and I thought I’d take the opportunity to muse about the time since I took over here @amazeelabs back in May 2014.

November 18, 2014
Urs Bucher

Conference live streaming in a nutshell

We (Michael and I) were involved in the Frontend Conference Zurich and TEDx Bern this summer. For both events we worked hard to make a live streaming possible. Last year we already live streamed the Frontend Conference but decided to go even further than we had last year.

For the Frontend Conference, we wanted to show the video and the slides at the live stream. This was not possible last year.

For TEDxBern we needed to make sure that we can connect the film cameras to our stream encoder and send the data off to the Wowza Servers. But lets start at the beginning!

November 11, 2014


We’re a bit extreme