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Amazee Labs launches first customer website on Drupal 8

We just completed our third Drupal 8 project: SGG - Schweizer Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft. After relaunching our own website and helping out with (our first two Drupal 8 sites), we are excited to launch our first client website 100% on the upcoming major release of our favorite open source CMS.

After we had built the community site Intergeneration and the voting platform CHymne using Drupal 7, we now chose Drupal 8 for the relaunch of the corporate website of SGG. The compact feature of the site allowed us to apply the strenghts of Drupal 8 as per today and so we created the association's new website relying entirely on Drupal 8 core functionality.

Building the new SGG website was a team effort; continue reading for the findings of each of us while we were creating the new site on the latest beta release of Drupal 8.

January 28, 2015

This was our 2014

Another year has gone by and time goes fast when you're having fun (or working hard). We did both this year. We’ve had a lot of fun but also worked hard to create a better web together with our clients.

December 19, 2014
Corina Schmid

1st Web Monday Zurich 2015!

Save the date for the next Web Monday on January 26th!

hosted by Microsoft Schweiz in Zürich Wallisellen.

December 18, 2014
Dagmar Muth
Richtistrasse 3, 8304 Wallisellen

Web forms usability: there is always room for improvement

Christmas tree is shining; mulled wine smells like happiness and a personal FAQ of nearly everyone includes things like “holiday”,  “gifts” and  “party”.  We are looking forward to the magical Christmas time as well.  And as a humble Christmas gift we would like to share with you some Swiss quality insights on usability of web forms design.  

December 18, 2014
Anna Hanchar


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