LikeMag, our youngest client release, has hit the web and is ready to receive YOUR contribution. It is a platform for sharing the best and funniest social media content that you can find out there. Just post your gems on the LikeMag page and add to the commons of endless amusement, infinite scrolling functionality included.

The website's inspiration hails from a previous project, Mag20, which we developed for Markus Bucheli. The motivation remains the same. Instead of sharing stories this time visual content takes center stage and is presented and elaborated in a new way. First and foremost, LikeMag is about crowdsourcing social media output online, however, there will also be a monthly print issue containing the best of the web shared on LikeMag.
From a technical point of view LikeMag is a device-agnostic responsive website and is built on the foundations of Drupal 7 and Omega 4. One of the highlights of this solution is the implantation of asynchronously loading ads of which the frequency varies depending on the user's view port. (We will expand on this subject in a further blog post in the near future.)
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January 22, 2013

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