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front /> 2013

About 300 professionals gathered yesterday in Zurich to listen, discuss, but most of all to enjoy the first day of the Frontend Conference 2013. Organized by the enthusiasts of the Frontend Conference Association Zurich, the two-day event has become a red letter day. Everyone interested in frontend technologies and UX can share the cutting edge ideas, tricks and technics to make the online world better.

August 30, 2013
Anna Hanchar

Drupal Camp Kyiv 2013

Kiev called before 6 am and Boris and me followed with an adventurous 12 km run through the heart of the Ukraine's 3m-capital, surf, turf and some impressive memorials included.

June 10, 2013
Gregory Gerhardt

Win a ticket for the "Mobile Trends Konferenz" at ONE Schweiz

With a further year's experience under his belt he will follow up on last year's "Responsive Web Design: Implementierung Dos & Don'ts" presentation. Having successfully released several responsive sites in the last twelve months, he will be able to provide valuable information on what to expect when launching a device agnostic site.

April 23, 2013