Essence of a web week: Week 50

This week's pick will look at Drupal latest user testing results on multilingual, accessibility issues, social media in relation to online marketing, Google's version of the end of 2012 and a further opinion on analytics.


Drupal Groups: First Drupal 8 multilingual user testing results
Dear Drupal users, are you curious about how the multilingual user testing is going? This is something we at Amazee Labs are very involved in. Have a look at this post and spread your knowledge.


The Next Web: An eye-opening video: how blind people can use Instagram on an iPhone
Sometimes we tend to forget how people with impaired vision use technologies. Please meet Edison and start following him on Instagram…he won't let you down!

Social media

OPEN Forum: Hey, small-business owner: maybe social media isn't for you
Are we sure that social media is the correct strategy to promote your small business? This is an interesting post which can help you rethink about some online marketing strategy.


Google Zeitgeist
With the end of the year approaching, many websites are trying to sum up the 2012 on its own way. Google Zeitgeist gives you a general overview on the most searched trending topics of this year, which is coming to an end.


Forbes: Does analytics make us smart or stupid?
This blog post tries to take analytics out of the box and look at it from a different perspective.

December 15, 2012

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