Essence of a web week: Week 47

This week's pick features some current affairs as well as some food for thought.  Like every week these are five items that managed to get our attention. Enjoy!


OSTraining: The State of Drupal 8: Before the Feature Freeze
Here is your one-stop overview where the development of Drupal 8 stands in the last few days before the Feature Freeze on December 1.


Co.Design: Could Twitter Help Us Create Smarter Transit Routes?
Visualizing geotagged tweets created a interesting insight into the most highly trafficked transport routes in major US cities. Unfortunately the density of geotagged social media activity here in Zurich probably isn't sufficient enough to create similar visualizations. 

Wired: Facebook wants to share your data across all its businesses
Facebook announced plans to change its data policy this week. Here is a short overview.

Responsive Web Design

Helsinki Open Device Lab
Certainly one of responsive design's downsides is the variety of viewport sizes. Instead of acquiring tons of devices or using simulators to test the sites a different approach has been taken in the Finnish capital.

Web Analytics

SEOgadget: Content Analytics: Measuring Your Content Marketing Results
The truism of you can't manage what you don't measure certainly also applies to content marketing. Here are some ways you can measure you content marketing activities. 

November 24, 2012

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