The essence of a web week: Week 4 / Issue 51

Dear reader, here is the weekly selection of stories which caught our attention. Enjoy!


Amazee Labs Events
The registration for the annual StartupCamp in Basel opened on Friday - high time to grab your seat and a new dose of entrepreneurial energy!

Opinion Fitness trackers are long on hype, short on credibility
Gadgets like the Nike Fuel Band are awesome - or are they? Daniela Hernandez points out that there are still some question marks over the trend's long-term sustainability.


Business Insider: Why Programmers Work At Night
One of the stereotypes attached to developers it that they work at night. Swizec Teller tries clarify this perception.

Food For Thought Don’t believe everything you read.
Interesting insight in the ways some tech blogs operate with alleged inside information of new products. Introducing the "new Xbox".


Digett: The Benefits of Drupal Contributions
A swift reminder why contributing to the Drupal community yields benefits for the contributor too.

January 26, 2013

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