Essence of a web week: Week 16

As Picasso said, "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal". Keep that in mind when reading one of the items in this weeks edition of an Essence of a web week...


Amazee Labs: Copycat Hall Of Shame
Our website has often been shamelessly copied in the past. This week we started a Hall of Shame on our Facebook page. Expect the collection to be extended in the future.


DrupalCon Munich: Call for Papers
The European Drupalcon has published a reminder that you can propose a session until May 11.

Blog worth subscribing to

swisstype | Typography seen in Switzerland
Switzerland is renowned for it's contribution to the world of typography. This blog is dedicated to beautiful typography on the streets of Switzerland.


Economist: Patents into ploughshares
Twitter announced this week, in a quite public manner, the " Patent Agreement". This is what the Economist makes of the move. RapidShare's anti-piracy manifesto would make users guilty until proven innocent
While filehoster RapidShare published its anti-piracy manifesto. Which according to Wired journalist Mark Brown is against the presumption of innocence.

April 20, 2012

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