Essence of a web week: Week 12

In this installment of an Essence of a web week we take a look at the opening Keynote of the DrupalCon Denver, see which social media platform satisfies which need according to Maslow and what one of perks is when working for Amazee Labs.

DrupalCon Denver

OSTraining: Dries Buytaert's Keynote from DrupalCon Denver

One of the standout events at a DrupalCon certainly is the traditional "Dries-note". OSTraining have published a round up of the keynote so you can learn in which direction Drupal will go and what the current state of Drupal 8 is.


Social Media in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Project Management

.net magazine: The Agile Waterfall
Agile development methods have gained momentum in recent years. Jon Arnold, a strategic consultant, argues that despite all of its benefits there are elements of the traditional waterfall model that shouldn't be underestimated. Why not cherry pick the best of both?


Webmonkey: CSS Regions: Coming Soon to a Webpage Near You
When Adobe announced the CSS Regions proposal a year ago it was one that caught reasonable attention. Webmonkey has an overview of what happened since then.

Amazee Labs Extreme

The Trek: Johannesburg to Cape Town
After three years of full-time employment our employees get one month off to free their mind and do something really extreme. Managing Director Gregory Gerhardt will challenge himself on the roads of South Africa with a 1400km (870 miles) walk. You can follow the latest steps of his preparations on his website. Starting Monday he'll give us regular updates from his trek - including blister report.


And we finally got around to fix the blog's RSS feed

März 23, 2012

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