Essence of a web week: Week 10

How time flies. This is already the 10th weekly-versary of an Essence of a web week. Find the latest product announcements and all the rest you didn't want to miss.


SEO Agenten: Infografik Drupal SEO Module
An infographic on SEO Modules for the different Drupal versions provided by Munich based "SEO Agenten". (via


.net magazine: Apple's new iPad will transform web design
Craig Grannell's take on what Apple's introduction of a retina display in the latest iPad will mean for the web.

Responsive Design

Webmonkey: Adobe Shadow Simplifies Mobile Web Testing
On Wednesday we quickly tested Adobe Shadow. Here is Webmonkey's longer analysis of the tool.


TED: Kevin Allocca - Why videos go viral

Hear straight from the horse's mouth why some videos go viral.

Combining the power of Drupal and the essence of Kevin Allocca's TED talk on viral videos.

What is Amazee Labs?