Essence of a web week: Issue 59

This week's edition takes a look at the question if openness can scale, Twitter's latest feat and gives Google Reader's former Product Manager a voice. Enjoy!


TimOnWeb: 8 Awesome Drupal Snippets I Wish I Knew Before
A few issues ago we featured ​Tim Kamanin's initiative ​ In the meantime the Drupal snippet repository has grown and the initiator took a moment to select his eight favourite snippets.

Commerce Guys: Commerce Kickstart - Visualizing the birth of a distro

Commerce Guys' Nicolas Meyer visualized, with the help of Gource and the powers of their software version control tool, the collaborative history of the Drupal Commerce Kickstart distribution.


The Verge: Twitter gets a patent on... Twitter
In the week Twitter turned seven, the microblogging service made the headlines for different reasons.

Food for thought

Accelerating reinventions: Openness does not scale
Laurent Haug reflects on the experiences he made with the Lift Conference.


Quora: Why is Google killing Google Reader?
Question-and-answer service Quora might not be one of the social media platforms which is particularly well known in the mainstream. Nevertheless some interesting answers were provided on last week's hot button issue.

March 23, 2013

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