Essence of a web week: Issue 58

Despite SXSW having yielded a torrent of interesting items this week - we opted to take off the Austin biased blinkers for this issue. Enjoy!


New York Times: Introducing A New Article Design
The New York Times granted the general public a glimpse of its redesign this week. Admittedly it looks gorgeous but let's see if it manages to be as game-changing as the Boston Globe's introduction of Responsive Design in 2011.


Charles Lewis - Page Rank
If reading isn't your preferred method of gaining knowledge - give this a go. Charles Lewis aka SEO Rapper will teach you the essentials of Google's PageRank in the next two and a half minutes.


Techcrunch: Google Closes The Book On Google Reader On July 1, Seven Other Products Also Get The Chop
This week Google announced the closure of its popular RSS reader service. Anyone else feel reminded of Yahoo's supposed shut down of Delicious? Regardless it might be time to move to a new service or just take control of your feeds with this Drupal workaround.

NBC PhotoBlog: Witnessing papal history changes with digital age
Ever wondered how the world of technology infiltrated everyday life in the last eight years? Just compare these two pictures of 2005 and last Wednesday of the Catholic faithful at St. Peter's Basilica and it becomes obvious.

Tweets that cut through the noise

Less than 24 hours after Acquia's cold calling gaffe, CMO Tom Wentworth already was able to see the lighter side...


März 16, 2013

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