Essence of a web week: Issue 55

In this week's issue we take a look at a few topics which are close to our heart. Enjoy!


OSTraining: The State of Drupal 8 - After Feature Freeze
Steve Burge, once again, dedicated a blog post to Drupal 8 and its current state.

Drupal motion: Drupal Code Base
While remaining on the subject - here is are some stats which compare Drupal 8's code base to its predecessors.


The Verge: I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates

Besides Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement, Google's Glass preview was probably the gadget story of the week.

Food for thought

37signals: When culture turns into policy
A short and precise reminder where the line between corporate culture and policy lies.

Responsive Web Design

.net magazine: RWD: just getting started
Dennis Odell makes the point that responsive design is still in its early days but nevertheless its future is bright.

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