DrupalCon London - Day 1

As most of our dear readers already know, Amazee Labs develops based on the unbeatable framework Drupal.

Today was the official start of DrupalCon London, well Croydon actually, where 1,750 Drupalistas are currently gathering for the conference taking place twice a year. Amazee Labs is proud to be a sponsor and on Sunday evening we could sneak a peek of the location and were delighted to discover our brand in pole position:

Six Amazees are currently over to contribute to the event and learn about the next big things to come. And if you happen to be one of our clients, don't worry, we're not just learning. We're using all the spare time (mornings, breaks and nights) for some intense mini-sprints:











Another result of our first early morning session is our new Amazee Lab & Drupal page extension, hope you like it!

You'll hear more from our conference week in London. All work done now. We're off to the official curry night and pub crawl...

August 23, 2011

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