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First UX Brunch Zurich 2015

Last Friday started for me with friendly smiles of people who care about user-friendly solutions, which make our lifes better. I was happy to be among 60 attendees of the first UX Brunch Zürich 2015, organized by Valérie Vuillerat, Rahel Vils and Marc Steffen. Event took place in Impact Hub, which is known as a space with a good vibe. Being there is already enough to love the world around you even on an early Friday morning. But greeting and meeting people, who understand your challenges and the big meaning of those small victories on the way to great designs, is even better. 

March 25, 2015
Anna Hanchar

Amazee Labs' server infrastructure is built with availability, operating efficiency and security in mind. As with all IT systems, the threat of failure is omnipresent. When the worst occurs we run through emergency scenarios with pre-defined responsibilities, just as pilots do when things turn nasty. This is our side of the story.

November 8, 2013

Copy cats: Seek and destroy?

Did you just discover that your website has been copied? Stay calm. Once the initial shock has settled there is enough time to reflect and find the right tactics to tackle the IP thievery. Threatening the perpetrators with legal action seemingly is the most straightforward way. However taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut isn't the most economic way.

Oktober 17, 2013