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3rd Web Monday Zurich 2014

Join us on August 18th, 2014 at Zurich's new co-working space -!

Registration now open further below!

July 29, 2014
Dagmar Muth
Hardturmstrasse 185, 8005 Zürich

A visit from Montréal

Our Managing Director Greg welcomed a class of Bachelor students from HEC Montréal. They came to learn how the cookie crumbles in Switzerland's web development industry and fork up some entrepreneurial spirit. Merci pour la visite and good luck with the completion of your academic path!

May 15, 2013

Our new Headquarters

Diligent followers of our social media activities will have noticed that we moved out of Technopark. The meticulous planned conversion of the location, it used to be a Restaurant, went to plan and we are pleased to share some impressions of our new home at Förrlibuckstrasse 30.

Mai 2, 2013

Alpine Select - Stock exchange compliance with Drupal

Alpine Select, one of our latest releases, was built for the eponymous and publicly listed investment company in co-operation with Christoph "Laser" Jaggi. He chose Amazee Labs as development partner and signed himself responsible for the requirement engineering and project management.

Februar 13, 2013
Gregory Gerhardt


LikeMag, our youngest client release, has hit the web and is ready to receive YOUR contribution. It is a platform for sharing the best and funniest social media content that you can find out there. Just post your gems on the LikeMag page and add to the commons of endless amusement, infinite scrolling functionality included.

January 22, 2013

Explaining Responsive Web Design to mums! Beware: No technical details included!

In the last few years the market share of smartphones has significantly increased. It is probably safe to say that you own a smartphone that has become essential to your life. Besides using it for traditional tasks such as calls and text messages, you'll be browsing the web too. In fact smartphones have become our favorite tool to look for information online, just check Luke Wrobleski's blog post.

December 13, 2012