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3rd Web Monday Zurich 2014

Join us on August 18th, 2014 at Zurich's new co-working space -!

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July 29, 2014
Dagmar Muth
Hardturmstrasse 185, 8005 Zürich

Strategy Series - Part 2

In part one, we introduced the art of strategy. Strategy “blends intuition, wisdom, experience, logic, common sense, art and even poetry into a useable construct. The construct, an evolving project document, describes an ecosystem that will organically produce the stated, measurable goal.” Now, we’ll talk about the science of defining that goal and avoiding potential obstacles.

October 9, 2014

The power of prototyping: take it all

We all know this: seeing once is better than hearing twice. No matter what we are talking about, something tangible is priceless.  This becomes even more crucial if we are about to create something not existing yet. For example, a website that should serve its purpose well and provide great user experience.

August 20, 2014
Anna Hanchar