An Amazee 2013 in Review

Monday morning, our team silently working in a beautiful new office, Zurich's fog slowly giving way to another magic morning. We love our new work space, just a stone's throw from Technopark.

Yet, it's with great joy that I think back of the not so remote days in Zurich's startup incubator: Our team working shoulder to shoulder in sweatshoppy conditions, hot summers, client meetings on the hallway, an underperforming house cantina, our rattling, yet unbreakable coffee machine. The relocation was more than just a move, it marked the detachment from a startup life.

2013 has been a leap in many ways.

Six more Amazees joined the team: Dagmar for Project Management; Bastian for DevOps; Corina for Operations; Alex for Backend Development; Anna for UX Research and Consulting; and Marc for a Dev traineeship. Amazee Labs will start the new year with a crew of 18, the perfect size to serve our clients as a reliable yet flexible and personal partner.

In line with the team growth our processes and checklists were significantly improved and we have been lucky to serve some of the leading companies in media, finance and retail. The hard work has resulted in 16 remarkable Drupal websites that are run on a brand new Drupal Cluster providing better performance, security and reliability.

Next to that, we added a new family member to the Amazee world and established our sister company Amazee Metrics. Metrics was created as a dedicated service unit for all things data, web analysis, visualization and search engine marketing. Headed by Evelyn Thar, the team has grown to three and has run break even just after a few months of service.

Beyond our daily business, Amazee Labs has been active for the Drupal community like in no year before. We have contributed to the TMGMT initiative, more than a dozen presentations at DrupalCamps and DrupalCons and supported DrupalCon Prague with a Platinum sponsorship.

Summa summarum, 2013 has been another successful year among some of the most exceptional and spirited people including team and clients. In terms of revenues it marked the third profitable year, driving our ambition to become one of the global Drupal leaders. Not by size, but by excellence. And we've got some exciting projects ahead.

We wish you, dear reader, a successful and happy 2014.

Gregory Gerhardt
December 30, 2014

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