Alpine Select - Stock exchange compliance with Drupal

Alpine Select, one of our latest releases, was built for the eponymous and publicly listed investment company in co-operation with Christoph "Laser" Jaggi. He chose Amazee Labs as development partner and signed himself responsible for the requirement engineering and project management. 

The Drupal 7 combo might look "modest / conservative / business / discreet" at first but do not make the mistake to judge the book by its cover. The system is fully stock exchange compliant and takes the reporting duties to the edge with Twitter as an integral reporting channel. Read more about IT and SIX Swiss Exchange compliance in today's article on Inside IT. The new web presence consists of the following major requirements:

  • Display of the company profile
  • Automatic provision of the reporting infos, required by law, to the Swiss Stock Exchange Authorities. (e.g. Ad hoc release in compliance with SIX)
  • Generation of printable Monthly- and Quarterly Reports.
  • Provision of financial data to current and potential professional investors. (e.g. Performance charts)
Besides these features a full content migration, from a custom developed solution, had to be done in order to maintain the gap-less documentation for investors.
Despite serving a new industry with different requirements, as any other site we previously built, the toolset required from a Drupal point of view remained rather similar to our other releases. Rules, Views, Workbench, Simplenews and some use case specific custom code stand at the heart of this Drupal solution. As it is our practice we will contribute some of the custom code, in a more general use case, to the Drupal community.
For an in-depth view on SIX Swiss Exchange compliance using a Drupal application, refer to Christoph Jaggis excellent paper (German).
We wish Alpine Select and its shareholders a successful future.
Gregory Gerhardt
February 13, 2013

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